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east meets west to produce an
explosive palette of flavours

  • 201-203 Faraday St
  • Carlton Melbourne
  • 03 9347 3848

About Shakahari

The History of Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant

The name Shakahari, incidentally, is the Hindi word for "vegetarian". For more than forty years Shakahari has been one of this city's most innovative restaurants.

Eschewing compromise, Shakahari has maintained a firm commitment to the two fundamentals of its cuisine: It is completely vegetarian and it uses only fresh, natural ingredients. Menus are changed quarterly to take full advantage of seasonally available fruits and vegetables and there are no artificial ingredients or colourants used.

Shakahari has pioneered other fields in its fascinating development. Beginning in the early '70s by introducing ideas from Japanese, Chinese and Thai culinary traditions. In style, Shakahari's cuisine has always been East-West even before this term became the familiar way to describe cooking which uses Asian ingredients and skills in a European context.

Today this restaurant's wide appeal rests on its expertise in creating meals which are light but satisfying, natural but attentively detailed in their preparation and presentation.

In keeping with its original Indian inspiration, the interior design of Shakahari's Carlton location uses basic village tones and simple furnishings. It's only indulgence are two magnificent cloth paintings of the 19th century Nathvara (Rajasthan school) and a series of the earliest devotional posters from the Ravi Varma Steam Press, Poona.